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Do I need my OWN realtor?

Short answer? YES!

The agent representing the seller has already signed an agreement to work in the sellers best interest. You deserve and are 100% entitled to your own representation. Someone that is going to work in your best interest.

Did you know the seller pays the buyers agent? When an agent represents both the seller and the buyer the agent is now acting as a messenger. The agent is now not supposed to give advise to either party. Who wants that? You are picking an agent you feel comfortable with to help guide you through the largest financial decision of your life.

The myth agents hear a lot is the listing agent knows more about the property. We would like you to know ANYTHING the listing agent knows about the property they are obligated to share. We will be able to get you the same information!

Please please please get yourself your OWN agent. One you trust to help you through every aspect of the home buying process. One that is available and can have your best interest at heart!

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